In order to introduce ourselves to our church family, and so everyone has a better understanding of our purpose within the body of the church, each committee will be giving an overview of who we are and what we do to help serve the congregation better. We have agreed to serve on these committees as part of our service to our church and all its’ members.

Chairperson – Nancy Ann Morgan
Vice Chairperson – Diana Simpson
Secretary – Judy Key

Committee Members:
Frank Renaud, Ilona Hagen, Joe Hall, Kim Voigt,
Ron Kart, Jim Halley, Pastor Carlos Otero

The Staff/Pastor/Parish Relations Committee is the administrative unit in our church where staff and congregational interests come together to focus on the mission of the church. The committee relates to both the bishop-appointed staff and the employed staff. The Primary Responsibility of the committee is to work with the staff so that the church mission is accomplished and all people within the body of our church are receiving the help, guidance and support they need.

At any time, anyone who has a question, praise or grievance about the staff or their work within the church family has the right to come to a member of the SPRC knowing that their thoughts or questions will be held within the strictest confidence of the committee and will be looked at and acted upon as necessary. Each staff member has an appointed liaison from the SPRC to work with. Liaisons are: Nancy Ann Morgan/ Pastor Carlos Otero; Ilona Hagen/ Claudette (Nursery); Frank Renaud/ Rosemary Belock (Secretary); Ron Kart/ Linda Pickett (Bookkeeper); Diana Simpson/ Steve Chapman (Music); Joe Hall/ Terry Albright (Youth and Family). The purpose of this is so members of our congregation can express their personal thoughts to the correct people without the spread of rumor or innuendo or fear of negative feedback. Any church member can also write an email to the Chair ( or a letter to the committee that can be delivered to the office addressed to SPRC knowing that their name will be held in confidence by SPRC and the liaison. We want to help our church grow and accomplish its’ mission for our congregation and community and to that end we need help and input from the people it effects. Please feel free to contact any one of us at any time.

Thank you,
Nancy Ann Morgan
SPRC Chairperson 2016