The main purpose of the Hospitality Committee is the act of welcoming and treasuring people as they enter our area of worship and fellowship. It is the process by which guests are greeted, welcomed, made comfortable and encouraged to return. It is extending the Grace and Love of God to all people. This does not take place wholly inside the church, but also occurs out in our community at various community functions. Every member of our congregation here at Asbury should consider themselves members of the Hospitality Committee, as you all extend the hand of friendship to our guests at church services and at our church related community functions.

Some of the things our committee does are:

  1. purchasing and distributing items, as well as informational pamphlets and wooden crosses, to be placed in our visitor’s bags which are handed out to all visitors to Asbury.
  2. mailing out welcome cards to our visitors homes, and encouraging them to visit again.
  3. post 2 greeters at our church door, and outside to greet visitors with a warm smile on Sunday mornings.
  4. hand out labeled shopping bags at our community functions, along with fliers and appropriate signage, with offers of what Asbury can do for them; and info on upcoming and ongoing events here at Asbury.some of our members attend “ away” functions also, to show our visitors, as well as our congregation members, that we are helping to spread the “ Hospitality” of Asbury UMC beyond our doors and out into the public.

I would urge every member here at Asbury to adopt the role of a member of this committee and actively promote and share, the love we feel for our church, it’s members and it’s visitors.

Hospitality Committee:

  • Chairman-Diana Simpson.
  • Members- Kathi Myers, Miriam Lareau, Susan Brown, Larry and Linda DeRosia.
  • Community Ambassador, Carol Faunce.
  • Greeters: Arneal Kart, Suzette Rawlings, John and Melba Redfern, Vern Asbury, Kathy Myers, Miriam Lareau, Nancy Ann Morgan.
  • Alternates- Maggie Lapton, Diana Simpson, Lynne Sicignano, Susan Brown

Thank you and God Bless, Diana Simpson.