Week of Nov 17, 2019

Please keep us updated, and let us know if someone can be removed from the continuing prayer list or request to be added to the prayer list by sending an email to info@asburyop.com.


  • Clark Thomas, friend of Shirley Noorman, in Baptist South & not doing well
  • Carol Miller, step-mother of Kim Voigt, treatment for uterine cancer
  • Sandi & Pete Parrott, unspoken
  • Don Kingsnorth, cancer treatments
  • Christopher, having seizures
  • Angie Calloway, friend of Carol Faunce, in A-Fib and nothing is working
  • Bill, Barbara Robinson’s brother, in ICU, multiple health issues
  • Bob Robinson, healing
  • Dennis Jeffords, Linda DeRosia’s brother, in ICU on respirator
  • Linda DeRosia, medical testing
  • Erin Key, healing
  • Paulette Hinken, healing
  • Marjorie Mowers, sister of Diane Stackpoole
  • Lynn Jones, niece of Diane Stackpoole, breast cancer and new health issues
  • Granddaughter of Diana Simpson, high blood pressure and on bed rest
  • Bill Short, undergoing cancer treatment
  • Bill & Reva Fogleman, unspoken
  • George Mitchell, 7 yr. old, bone marrow transplant not working
  • Steve Flores, son-in-law of David & Jerri Jones, ongoing heart issues
  • Ed Leeds, father of Daryl Leeds, kidney failure and heart problems
  • Rebecca Williams, cousin of Cathy Wright, recovery from cancer surgery
  • First Responders & K9’s


  • Linda Grindley
  • Doris Lucas
  • Faye Mix
  • Jane Patterson
  • Helen Reardon
  • Glenn Ryan
  • Fran Stockbridge


Cindy Dobozy – Linda DeRosia – Betty Horton – Danielle Voigt – Tony Wells – Randy Bush – Ellen Culpepper – Jean Davis – Michele Dedmon – Christopher Franz – Melinda Franz – Mickey Griffin – Patti Robbins – Josh Stanaland – Amber Hypes – Mirta Jiménez – Lillian Andújar – Daniel Neubel – Iglesia Metodista “San Miguel del Padrón”

Please keep us updated, and let us know if someone can
be removed from the continuing prayer list. Thank you.