Prayer Requests

Week of Jan 19, 2020

Please keep us updated, and let us know if someone can be removed from the continuing prayer list or request to be added to the prayer list by sending an email to


  • Doris Lucas, in Community Hospice
  • Rosemary Bagby, sister of Lana Davies, in hospital – possible lung blood clot
  • The Family of Marlon Gibbs, Sr. in his passing. Best friend to Dan Hagan
  • Evelyn Strickland, recovering from recent stroke
  • Ryder Shields, grandson of Tom & Pauline, on unknown military deployment
  • Vickie Moore & Family, friends of Tom & Kim Etherington, in the passing of Vickie’s husband
  • José Claudio’s hometown in Puerto Rico during multiple earthquakes
  • José Claudio’s mother is in the hospital in Puerto Rico
  • José Claudio’s siblings, especially Maria, & those helping his mother
  • The José Claudio Family
  • Pastor Charissa (& Pastor Chris) as she heads to CA to begin school
  • Paulette & Larry Hinken and Jill Wills & Family, Paulette’s health
  • Steven Border, job search, ending relationship, and to grow closer to God
  • Cathy Nasworthy, cancer
  • Gail Johnson, acute Leukemia
  • Leagh Johnson, Gail’s granddaughter, 4 yrs. old has stage 4 cancer
  • Betty Pinckney, health issues
  • Son of Tom & Pauline Shields who has serious heart trouble & Tom’s pain
  • Carol Miller, stepmother of Kim Voigt, radiation treatments for uterine cancer
  • Barbara & Scott Hammond, ongoing health issues
  • Trish & Aaron Alston, The Gochnour’s daughter & son-in-law, Aaron’s healing
  • Steve Lapton, recovery from back surgery
  • Jaudon Newberg, undergoing cancer treatment
  • Pablo Flores, grandson of David & Jerri Jones, vision issues & appt at Mayo
  • Cathy, diagnosed with colon cancer
  • First Responders & K9s
  • Evelyn Miller, neighbor of Charlie & Nancy Post, brain cancer
  • Erin Key, total healing
  • Debbie Bishara, friend of Karen & Joe Hall, chemo for lung cancer
  • Marjorie Mowers, sister of Diane Stackpoole
  • Lynn Jones, niece of Diane Stackpoole, breast cancer and new health issues
  • Bill Short, undergoing cancer treatment
  • Steve Flores, son-in-law of David & Jerri Jones, ongoing heart issues
  • Ed Leeds, father of Daryl Leeds, in Oakview for rehab


  • Bill & Reva Fogleman’s granddaughter, Megan, had a baby girl they named Hattie Flynn on 1/10/2020!


  • Linda Grindley
  • Doris Lucas
  • Faye Mix
  • Jane Patterson
  • Helen Reardon
  • Glenn Ryan
  • Fran Stockbridge


Cindy Dobozy – Linda DeRosia – Betty Horton – Danielle Voigt – Tony Wells – Randy Bush – Ellen Culpepper – Jean Davis – Michele Dedmon – Christopher Franz – Melinda Franz – Mickey Griffin – Patti Robbins – Josh Stanaland – Amber Hypes – Daniel Neubel – Iglesia Metodista “San Miguel del Padrón”

Please keep us updated, and let us know if someone can
be removed from the continuing prayer list. Thank you.