Important News About Changes Related To COVID-19 3/14

Dear Congregation and Friends of Asbury UMC,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Asbury UMC Church front

The past few days have seen massive changes in our habits and way of living due to COVID-19.  It can be very unsettling and frightening as we witness the fear and panic settle in our communities.  Therefore, I would like to offer you a message of hope during this time.  We are Easter people who live in the light of the resurrection.  We know that even the worst thing that can happen is never the last thing.  We worship a God who is present with us in the midst of life’s storms offering us abiding grace and love.  This is the message of joy and hope that our neighbors and communities need to hear, especially at this present time.

We also care about your health during this unprecedented time.  With guidance from the Florida Conference and the CDC, I would also like to let you know of some changes that will be occurring at Asbury United Methodist Church in response to COVID-19:

We will be modifying some aspects of worship to reduce the potential spread of any virus:

  • Holy Communion will be suspended for the time being. Our hope is that we will resume this sacrament on April 9 at the Holy Thursday service.
  • The Passing of Peace will also be suspended to minimize contact between members.  We encourage you to find other ways to show greetings to one another, including a friendly wave or a verbal greeting.
  • The Offering Plates will be placed just inside the sanctuary doors for individuals to place their tithes and offerings, as they enter or leave the sanctuary.
  • The Purple Cans used to collect our Lenten offering for Miriam’s Basket have been removed from the pews.  All of your Loose Change Offering can be placed in the large jug in the narthex.
  • All Hymnals and Bibles will be temporarily removed from the pews.
  • Pastor Chris will not be shaking hands before or after the service.
  • All are encouraged to maintain a safe personal distance (4-6 ft.) from one another during worship.

The Spring Fling, scheduled for March 28, has been canceled.

Wednesday Night Suppers have been suspended through April 9.

As always, should you feel ill or run a fever, we encourage you to stay at home to minimize the spread to others.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate the circumstances resulting from COVID-19.  As we have discovered in the past days, circumstances can change rapidly.  Therefore, we will adjust our plans accordingly, as necessary, and will communicate them with you.  We encourage you to stay safe and follow the instructions of local health officials and the CDC.  May God continue to bless you with the grace and love that is greater than our fears!

In Christ,

Pastor Chris